Tyler McLoughlan – Director

After completing a Bachelor of Business (Music Industry) at Victoria University, Tyler sampled a variety of music industry roles until finding a specialisation in the field of music copyright.

Tyler has worked as a music licence broker with Ricall in London, negotiating placements for clients including Red Bull, Specsavers, Guitar Hero and Samsung, dealing with major copyrights such as Queen, Edith Piaf, Pulp and Primal Scream. Gaining a wealth of experience across licensing for ads, television, corporate, online and film, she also specialised in high volume premium CDs from manufacturing and licensing through to the delivery of finished product.

Returning to Brisbane as a publicist with the burgeoning management and publicity team at Mucho-Bravado, Tyler became entrenched in the local Brisbane music scene, and began sourcing sync opportunities for a range of independent artists, before founding The Sound Pound in 2011.

Tyler also lectures in music copyright at JMC Academy Brisbane.


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